The drinking chocolate elixirs at Kakawa are
one of our most famous and popular items.
These elixirs are deep, rich drinking
chocolates based on recipes we have
recreated from historical sources.
They have been described as a
kind of "time traveling" for the
palette, and range from pre-
Colombian drinking chocolate
to colonial American drinking
chocolate as well as a few of
our own inventions.

We first re-created several
elixirs based upon the chocolate
that was consumed in pre-Colombian
America. These exceptional drinks were
reserved for the powerful elite and for special
ceremonies (Cortez, for example, drank chocolate
with Montezuma when he first arrived in Tenochtitlan). These elixirs are full of intense flavor, highly spiced with a wide variety of native herbs, flowers, and chiles.

We then recreated the many varieties of drinking chocolate that evolved as the beverage gained popularity in Europe. These elixirs include the wide variety that evolved between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries in the Old World. These include highly perfumed royal concoctions such as the Marie Anotoinette, Spanish, Italian Citrus and French Lavender.

Finally, we recreated the later versions of drinking chocolate once it returned to the Americas. This includes the sweeter and rustic Jeffersonian drinking chocolate, drawn from Thomas Jefferson's own recipe.

In addition to these historical recipes, we have created our own, original drinking elixirs, including Chai, American, and Modern Mexican.

Each and every one of our elixirs is made by blending high quality chocolate with the finest herbs and spices available. We sell the elixirs to drink in our shop, and we also sell them packaged in dry granulated form, which can be used to make the our drinking chocolates at home.

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